Frank - man with face like beard small (1)
We are now 6 weeks into the trip so needless to say there has been a slight emergence of some facial hair over this time. Prompted by a comment from a friend in Vancouver, we were chatting about this recently. Our beards are all quite different so here’s my take on them:

Frank’s Grizzly Beard – without a doubt top of the beard food chain, this beast takes on a life of it’s own at times. I think it actually did some rowing yesterday while Frank was resting. If you look at Frank’s face for a few minutes you can actually see it growing. An absolute monster of a beard !!

Kevin’s Polar Beard – a healthy beard no doubt but one that contains a strange mix of red and white, mostly the latter. Definitely a candidate for Santa Claus in the near future, Kevin’s beard needs very close monitoring as it is aging rapidly. There’s a chance by the time we get to Cambridge Bay, the red in the beard could be completely gone.

Denis’s foxy beard – this is definitely the one beard that provoked the most discussion amongst us. This is an out and out “ginger beard” but the tash part is a peculiar blonde colour which makes it harder to see. All of this is in striking contrast to Denis’s dark black hair on his head so there’s definitely some freakiness going on here.

Paul’s badger beard – mine is obviously the pick of the bunch, good growth but unlike the last time I had a beard, there is now a healthy dose of grey in the chin area. I like to think this gives it a “distinguished” look but as the lads point out, it’s actually just a sign that I’m getting old

Here are some photos of these beauties!!