On my last shift, I was listening to some Dylan and had a quiet chuckle to myself when “Blowin’ in the wind” came on as this pretty much sums up our movement. We’ve had a few great days with calm seas and glorious sunshine so we’ve made good progress (about 130km over the past 48 hours). Some stiff south easterly head winds decided to come visit us so we spent most of yesterday on anchor in a small bay. It’s mad (or maybe not so mad at this stage) how comfortable you get with the confined cabin space and sharing it with 3 other lads.

We had a good feed last night, a mug of scald (tea) and a few games of cards before hitting the hay around midnight. When all four of us are sleeping in the cabin together, we aren’t quite on top of each other but there is virtually no room between us so we essentially sleep shoulder to shoulder in the cabin. As odd or uncomfortable as that might sound, it’s actually not too bad – it’s amazing how easy it is to sleep when you are really exhausted. Although waking up inches from Denis’s mug on one side and Frank’s on the other isn’t exactly how I would look to normally start my day.

The forecast wasn’t great for the next 24 hours but around 3am, the wind died off a bit so we got back on the oars and have been going for the past 6 hours or so. The sun has left us and the fog is back so visibility isn’t great but at least for now we’re moving forward…..