The Vessel

The boat in which we trust


Ocean rowing boats are specifically designed to deal with the harsh conditions that an unpredictable ocean swell can dish up. They need to be tough, fully self contained with the ability to self right in the event of a capsize. However our boat needs to be designed with slightly different considerations in mind. Ultimately we are not rowing an ocean but rather rowing through the very challenging North West Passage where stiff winds, choppy swell and obstructive ice conditions will play a huge part in our progress through the passage. Accordingly, our boat needs to be designed with these considerations in mind. Therefore our hull shape will differ from many traditional ocean rowing boats and the boat will need to be reinforced with Kevlar to potentially withstand encounters with ice.

Our boat (which will be 25ft in length) is complete. We were very fortunate to have Robin Thacker on board as our chief boat designer and builder. Robin brings not only a wealth of experience to our team but also an infectious passion that is going to result in a truly one of a kind boat which we know will be more than capable of withstanding the harsh elements of the Canadian Arctic. Capsize testing of the boat will take place in Nanaimo, BC during the second week of May, 2013.

The Builder

shapeimage_9Robin ThackerRobin’s adventure started when he was 4 years old and he decided to jump off the 2nd floor balcony with an umbrella as a parachute. It almost all ended when he spent 4 minutes in an underwater hydraulic after going over a waterfall on a canoe trip down Riviere Ouareau. He could have used the umbrella. Since then, he has always had a need for adventure. So, he got married and now has three wonderful daughters.
He wrote the software that the Canadian Civil Air Search and Rescue Association uses in searching for missing persons. He holds multi-national patents on guitar bodies and fibre reinforced ceramics. He has countless copyrights on things from snowboard chord calculation software to 1/16th scale flight simulator models. Currently, he designs the world’s finest kayaks for Atlantis Kayaks on Vancouver Island. When he’s not doing that, you will find him with his wife Karen filming and traveling this wonderful world of ours.