This is my first expedition where my two daughters fully grasp what their daddy is up to. Leaving them is the hardest thing for me and the one I reflect on the most. Being away from my kids for any length of time is difficult but, up here, in one of the remotest and hostile environments on earth, it really weighs heavily on my mind.

I decided to undertake this expedition because by doing it myself and my teammates can make a strong statement in the battle against climate change. Doing it is very important to me. It’s far easier for me to explain this to my girls, that I acted on my passions, than to lament to them that I didn’t act on my passions because of them.

Sea ice small

It’s been a struggle over the last couple weeks for our team but we’re all fully in the moment, thoroughly enjoying the experience. Reading the myriad of comments being posted on various forums and social media about the expedition – both positive and negative – we know we’re reaching people and sharing our message. Disparaging comments are as valuable as supportive ones as they raise questions and encourage dialogue and debate.

The fragility of the arctic environment can’t be overstated. It needs to be protected.

A more productive, certainly more engaging view, is that we have the intelligence to grasp what is happening, the composure not to be intimidated by its complexity, and the courage to take steps that may bear no fruit in our lifetimes.“  – Barry Lopez

- Kevin