On dry land, I work as a performance coach. Essentially I work with people (both individually and within corporate teams) to enable them to enhance their performance in work and life in general. Through learning from others and based on my own personal experience, I think the simple act of creating space and time to focus on performance plays a huge part in achieving the outcomes people want in life.

One of the books I just finished reading is called “The Power of Full Engagement” which was written by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. Based in the US, these are two very experienced and knowledgeable performance psychologists who have worked in the area of human performance for over 25 years.

In their book, they mention that one of the major things they do with their clients is to encourage them to slow down and take stock of their lives so that they can get a clear and impartial picture of their current reality. From there they can formulate a clear plan to achieve their desired outcomes and thus enhance their overall performance in their life.

Making time for this sort of self reflection and analysis is obviously a challenge for most of us amid the business of our regular day to day lives. However for all of us on the boat, we have vast amounts of time on our hands. When Denis and I row, sometimes we chat and sometimes we listen to our music or audiobooks. As we finished our last shift earlier this morning, I was in a contemplative mood, the fog was quite dense, we were making good progress and I had some stirring classical music playing on my iphone. All of these combined had the the mind wondering in all sorts of directions.

It was around this time that it struck me how fortunate we all are out here. We have all the time one could ever need to think about whatever it is we want to ponder. For me, the vast amount of space and time has really sparked my creative juices for things I want to do after this trip, new dimensions I want to bring into my work and also some really simple enhancements I want to make in my own life when we finish the expedition. So while we’ve definitely had some tough times on this trip so far, I do feel quite fortunate to have the gift of this space and time.

Anyway, this was something that went through my mind today that I thought I’d share. Time for another freeze dried meal !!